Anna Perilo, right, plays Jo and Sherry Josand Fletcher, left, plays Aunt March in the Chanticleer Community Theater's production of "Little Women."

‘Little Women’ was ‘terrific’

I went to the opening night of Chanticleer Theater’s production of “Little Women.” Call Chanticleer now and get your reservations. The production was terrific.

I read the novel “Little Women” 60 years ago. But I had no idea how it would migrate to the stage as a musical. It worked. Boy did it work.

The cast led by Anna Purilo was outstanding. The ensemble (characters working together) was terrific. The orchestra was very good. If you’ve never seen a stage play, start with this one. Take the family. If you’ve seen a hundred of them, you’ll see I’m not exaggerating. Very good voices; very good acting.

Thanks to the cast, the crew, the musicians, the Putmans. If you are still reading this, you are wasting time. Call Chanticleer now.

Boyd Littrell, Council Bluffs


County districting would be ‘gerrymandering at its best’

As your county supervisor I have a responsibility to protect our urban, suburban and rural communities.

Recently the Daily Nonpareil headlined an article detailing my former, and defeated, opponent’s new campaign to run a ballot initiative. Although I was quoted from October 2018, I wasn’t given an opportunity to provide my thoughts further. I want to be very clear, this so called “ballot initiative” is nothing more than a ludicrous effort by a political activist, in attempts to change the voting rules for his own benefit — specifically, his political party. It’s not about equal representation, it’s gerrymandering at best.

It’s a campaign promise from a losing candidate that is obviously willing to waste your property tax dollars. Running a special election in 2019 is going to cost far north of $100,000. That’s real money we must reappropriate from our planned budget for fiscal year 2020. This means we may forego the improvements to our county parks or decide not to fund new equipment for our sheriff’s deputies.

It could mean pulling funds away from our nearly 1,200-mile gravel road system, or not moving forward on a desperately needed remodel inside the county jail. We are in the best financial position Pottawattamie County has ever been in history. We didn’t get there by wasteful spending on partisan politics.

Population in our county centers around the urban/suburban areas. No matter how you slice it, the majority within any district will have a 51501 or 51503 zip code – meaning rural Pottawattamie loses ground.

Last year’s election should be the telling tale that the current “at large” system works. Voters chose a rural candidate from Oakland over a well‐known and prominent leader from Council Bluffs. This was reflected even throughout the urban precincts. Districting will create the “Silo Effect” and draw more unnecessary divisions in our community. Let the voters decide their representation, not the other way around.

The location of my small acreage has no bearing on my ability to do my job. There is not some imaginary line that splits Pottawattamie into “East Pott. vs. West Pott.” It takes less than one hour to get anywhere in our county, not days.

Furthermore, I am always available by phone 402-515-1377 or email justin.schultz@pottcounty‐ia.gov. I represent all of Pottawattamie County. Please do not fall for this petty political game and avoid signing the petition.

Pottawattamie County Supervisor Justin Schultz, Council Bluffs


A letter to Rep. Jon Jacobsen

In this past election, I spent many hours as a volunteer helping people sign up for absentee ballots and following up to make sure the voters had returned their absentee ballots. I, myself, have utilized absentee balloting.

It was very disturbing to learn that in House District 55 (Decorah area) there were absentee ballots not counted, even though timely returned, due to lacking a traditional postal stamp.

In my opinion, unless those now-known-to-be-timely received ballots are counted, we are openly disenfranchising voters, regardless of political party. We have enough problems throughout the US with voter suppression, why would we want to contribute to that here by not counting the Iowa votes?

We should want people to participate in our democratic election systems. Count the votes and let the numbers tell us who the real winner is. Failure to do this for the voters of House District 55 will keep the legitimacy of this election clouded. We are better than that, or certainly should be.

I respectfully ask that the testimony of these absentee ballot voters be heard and that their ballots are viewed and counted. Only by doing this can the legitimate winner be determined.

Bev Clark, Baxter

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