The kindness of strangers

On Dec. 22, I purchased gift cards at the Hy-Vee on Madison Avenue in Council Bluffs. I must have dropped them and some very kind person turned them in at the courtesy counter.

Thank you so very much. There are really good people in our fair city.

Ettamaye Smith, Council Bluffs


‘No’ to medians on West Broadway

In regards to putting medians on portions of West Broadway, I oppose them. So the next few elections I will not vote to retain anyone who’s name starts with a W. That means Sharon White, Nate Watson and Mike Wolf and Mayor Matt Walsh.

I prefer a cleaner city. Not that anyone goes faster than 35 mph on Broadway, but I’ve seen pictures of a car that lost control, hit a median and flew directly into a windshield of another car.

To get a clean city pave the streets and alleys that people use.

Don Betchel, Council Bluffs


Grassley needs to break with Trump

An open letter to Sen. Charles Grassley: Your persistence at securing the federal criminal justice reform legislation has been commendable.

Sadly, the federal law will have only limited impact without governors and state legislatures implementing similar reforms at the state level.

More to the point, your successful efforts on this piece of legislation are overshadowed by your continued and inexplicable support of your president. I did not, nor did the majority of Americans, vote for this man. We had the good sense to see what the whole world now sees as the Trump reality. There is no question that this guy is corrupt, utterly incompetent and totally focused on using the presidency to secure his own financial and political advantages at the expense of the American people.

His sloganeering of “America First” makes me want to throw up. Trump is the greatest threat to the security of our republic. That you continue to support this horrible human being, along with those of your Republican colleagues who have not denounced this presidency, make you and them complicit in every deplorable act that this guy perpetrates.

When in God’s name will you cease bringing shame and dishonor upon yourself? Are you so insecure in your standing with those whom you believe are the base of your supporters that you must cling to this man as though he were your baby blanket? Grow up, sir, and do what you know is right. Demand his resignation or demand impeachment.

Steven Pokorny, Urbandale

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