Baseball Teaser


Batting Average

Brett Sears, Harlan .538

Connor Lange, Mo. Valley .524

Jaxon Schumacher, Treynor .521

Layne Pryor, Woodbine .500

Kyle Christensen, Treynor .475

Trevor Glockel, East Mills .471

Mason King, West Harrison .471

Nick Ravlin, Underwood .466

Sam Porter, AHSTW .442

Nate McCombs, Treynor .441


Jaxon Schumacher, Treynor 29

Ethan Bernard, St. Albert 27

Brett Sears, Harlan 24

Cy Patterson, St. Albert 24

Will Halverson, Treynor 23

Nate McCombs, Treynor 22

Cade Van Ness, Glenwood 21

Colton Hanlon, Lo-Ma 20

Lance Wright, St. Albert 20

Isaac Sherrill, St. Albert 20

Tyler Melby, West Harrison 20

On-Base Percentage

Brett Sears, Harlan .638

Joel Richardson, Lo-Ma .625

Layne Pryor, Woodbine .621

Mason King, West Harrison .617

Conner Lange, Mo. Valley .610

Kyle Christensen, Treynor .610

Kristian Martens, Treynor .597

Trevor Glockel, East Mills .578


Isaac Sherrill, St. Albert 10

Jaxon Schumacher, Treynor 10

Luke Schaben, Harlan 9

Nick Ravlin, Underwood 9

Joey Moser, Harlan 8

Zach Teten, Underwood 8

Home Runs

Cade Van Ness, Glenwood 6

Jordan Wardlow, Lewis Central 6

Drake Nettles, Lewis Central 3

Tre Melby, Logan-Magnolia 3

Cy Patterson, St. Albert 3

Jaxon Schumacher, Treynor 3

Landon Nelson, Underwood 3

Stolen Bases

Ethan Bernard, St. Albert 21

Anthony Rainey, East Mills 19

Kyle Christensen, Treynor 18

Tyler Coberly, Woodbine 17

Ryan Genereux, St. Albert 16

Grant Gilgen, West Harrison 16



Landon Nelson, Underwood 48

Alex Bantam, Woodbine 46

Brett Sears, Harlan 43

Sam Porter, AHSTW 41

Connor Bruck, Harlan 41

Colton Schutte, Glenwood 38

Kaleb Smith, Tri-Center 35

Hunter Soma, Boyer Valley 34

Earned-Run Average

(min. 15 IP)

Connor Bruck, Harlan 0.00

Grant Gilgen, W. Harrison 0.53

Drew Petersen, Treynor 0.56

Kaleb Smith, Tri-Center 0.65

Brett Sears, Harlan 0.75

Drake Nettles, L. Central 1.00

Bryson Sharon, L. Central 1.35

Landon Nelson, Underwood 1.44

Source: Through games inputed by Friday afternoon.

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