Lewis Central won Tuesday’s City Swim meet, defeating Council Bluffs 261-145.

The Titans won nine of 11 events to claim the city crown in an event that honors the seniors from both teams.

Many swimmers enter different events than they typically swim during the regular season. It’s meant to be more of a fun end-of-year celebration before postseason swimming commences Nov. 2.

“We had an opportunity to let kids pick different events, and I encourage them to do that,” L.C. coach Bruce Schomburg said. “It was fun. It was senior night. It was a big deal of recognizing the seniors and their parents on both sides. It’s the last meet, and we always enjoy it.”

Lewis Central’s Aubrey Bach won in the 200 individual medley (2:25.64) and 500 freestyle (5:35.95). Hannah Steinmetz also won in multiple events for the Titans, placing first in the 100 freestyle (1:00.58) and 100 backstroke (1:06.84).

Council Bluffs’ Jocelyn Miller won the 100 breaststroke (1:17.46) and joined Aubrey Smith, Aurora Miller and Claire Crilly on the winning 200 freestyle relay team.

“Tonight went well for us,” Council Bluffs coach Logan Maxwell said. “We have a very young team. We dropped time in almost every entry tonight except for maybe four.

“I was really pleased with Jocelyn Miller in the 100 breaststroke,” Maxwell said. “I thought our medley relay also did an outstanding job tonight, they got out-touched by .02 seconds.”

Lewis Central 261, Council Bluffs 145

Event results

200 medley relay: 1, LC (Hannah Steinmetz, Taylor French, Aubrey Bach, Abby Hoss) 2:13.21; 2, CB (Aubrey Smith, Jocelyn Miller, Claire Crilly, Aurora Miller) 2:13.23; 3, LC ‘A’ (Isabella Milone, Anna Schewe, Elaine Morgan, Sydney Clair) 2:14.48.

200 free: 1, Waren Graeve, LC, 2:09.51; 2, A. Smith, CB, 2:27.92; 3, Brooke Leichtner, CB, 2:36.66.

200 IM: Bach, LC, 2:25.64; 2, Meredith Struebing, CB, 2:45.96; 3, Lily Caigoy, LC, 3:00.92.

50 free: Kylee Brown, LC, 26.60; 2, Kylie Collins, LC, 26.88; 3, A. Miller, CB, 28:38.

100 butterfly: 1, Milone, LC, 1:13.57; 2, Ana Schewe, LC, 1:18.30; 3, Chelsea Vang, LC, 1:22.76.

100 free: 1, Steinmetz. LC, 1:00.58; 2, Morgan, LC, 1:01.78; 3, Claire, LC., 1:04.97.

500 free: Bach, LC, 5:35.95; 2, Graeve, LC, 5:58.13; 3, Hoss, LC, 6:10.41.

200 free relay: 1, CB (Smith, A. Miller, Crilly, J. Miller) 1:54.32; 2, LC (Bre Epperson, Vang, Collins, Brown) 1:58.58; 3, LC (Taylor French, Schewe, Steinmetz, Graeve) 1:59.56.

100 back: 1, Steinmetz, LC, 1:06.84; 2, Brown, LC, 1:09.41; 3, Morgan, LC, 1:10.32.

100 breast: 1, J. Miller, CB, 1:17.46; 2, Collins, LC, 1:18.23; 3, Caigoy, LC, 1:28.06.

400 free relay: 1, LC (Morgan, Hoss, Brown, Bach) 4:02.33; 2, LC (Milone, Claire, Collins, Graeve) 4:07.99; 3, (J. Miller, Struebing, Crilly, A. Miller) 4:27.85.

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