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MVP: Caleb Swalla, Earlham

Offensive MVP: Swalla, Earlham; Austin Kremokoski, Riverside.

Defensive MVP: Grant Carter, Earlham.

Coach of the Year: Chris Caskey, Earlham.

Assistant Coaches of the Year: Brian Sheffield, Earlham; Allen Naugle, Southwest Valley.


First Team

QB Austin Kremkoski Riverside Sophomore

RB Caleb Swalla Earlham Senior

RB Connor Cerny St. Albert Junior

RB Brendan Knapp SWV Sophomore

WR Joey Goins AHSTW Senior

WR Sam Rallis St. Albert Junior

WR Brogan Allensworth Riverside Junior

OL Cael McLaren St. Albert Junior

OL Kaiden Hendricks Riverside Junior

OL Sam Kasap Earlham Senior

OL Seth Kiesel AHSTW Senior

K Sam Wilber St. Albert Junior

Second Team

QB Alex Caskey Earlham Senior

RB Cy Patterson St. Albert Junior

RB Mason Bivens Riverside Senior

RB Jacob Ridgely Earlham Senior

WR Rhett Bentley Riverside Sophomore

WR Hunter Ernst Nod. Valley Senior

WR Aiden Antisdel St. Albert Senior

OL Chris Hipsley Earlham Senior

OL Greg Fagen St. Albert Junior

OL Jacob Erickson Riverside Senior

OL Brady Canada AHSTW Senior

OL Kaden Jacobs SWV Junior

K Cameron Terry Earlham Senior


First Team

DB Lance Wright St. Albert Senior

DB Jackson Vandever Earlham Junior

DB Raydden Groebe AHSTW Sophomore

DB Caelen DeVault Nod. Valley Sophomore

LB Grant Carter Earlham Senior

LB Tallen Meyers SWV Junior

LB Bennett Gronstall St. Albert Junior

LB Joel Henningson Riverside Senior

DL Derrin Sesker Earlham Senior

DL Jeffrey Miller St. Albert Junior

DL Eddie Vlcek Riverside Junior

DL Gavyn Fisher AHSTW Senior

P Tucker Tepoel SWV Junior

Specialist: Michael Shiffer AHSTW Senior

Second Team

DB Clay Hohertz Nodaway Valley Senior

DB Max Vandever Earlham Sophomore

DB Drake Wood Riverside Junior

DB Blake Thomas SWV Sophomore

LB Slater Goff Earlham Senior

LB Adam Ayase Nod. Valley Sophomore

LB Denver Pauley AHSTW Sophomore

LB Tyler Pearson SWV Senior

DL Trey Bond Earlham Junior

DL Taten Williams Riverside Senior

DL Hunter Crill SWV Sophomore

DL Drew Gronstall St. Albert Senior

P Colby Harris Nod. Valley Senior

Specialist Tony Ayase Nod. Valley Junior

Honorable Mention

Gabe Legrand Earlham

Joel Smith Earlham

Nathan Russell Nod. Valley

Austin Wilson Nod. Valley

Ben O’Neill St. Albert

Dan McGrath St. Albert

Blaine Venteicher SWV

Tyler Pearson SWV

Brayden Lund AHSTW

Blake Holst AHSTW

Mike Husz Riverside

Wyatt Hough Riverside

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