Girls State Basketball, Lewis Central

Lewis Central’s Hadley Hill drives to the hoop in the third quarter of the Class 4-A state championship against North Scott.

Hadley Hill is a senior soccer player at Lewis Central. In 2019 as a junior, she started 18 matches, with a goal and two assists. She wrote about life without soccer amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

These past weeks have definitely been different and challenging.

After playing my last basketball game one week and then not knowing if I will ever play another high school soccer game the next was hard.

My initial reaction was shock and denial. The girls and I kept saying through it all that we were going to be playing this year and we will get to celebrate our last season as a Titan. Toward the beginning of the chaos, we had set up our preseason schedule. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we would have workouts in the mornings and then right after school. This would involve lifting, conditioning and getting touches on the ball.

Once we were informed that school was cancelled and there could be no practices it was hard to accept the fact, especially when March 23 rolled around and we were supposed to be at our first official practice. At this point everyone, including myself, has come to a realization that we need to be doing things on our own so when we are able to get back to practice we won’t be far behind where we need to be.

For me personally, I am working out every day. This includes running on the treadmill. Some days are distance days, the others are sprint work. In my garage, my dad has a really cool set up where there’s a section of turf. There, I work on juggling, my first touch and any other workouts that may help me stay in shape.

Overall, these past four years at Lewis Central have been amazing. As a class, we have set the standards very high for one another yet we still continue to accomplish amazing things. No matter what, I am grateful for everything and everyone who has been a part of this journey. And as always, go Titans!

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