Bennett Heisterkamp, CB St. Albert, 3200m, State Track, Thursday

St. Albert’s Bennett Heisterkamp wound up seventh in the Class 1-A 3,200-meter run. The race was called official after seven laps because a bell rang early.

LOGAN — St. Albert senior Bennett Heisterkamp, ranked sixth in Class 1-A, took home the top prize at Tuesday’s Logan-Magnolia Invite, crossing the finish line in 15 minutes, 27 seconds.

It was Heisterkamp’s first win of the season, and his coach is hoping it’s a sign of what’s to come this year.

“He just ran all summer, and he’s just way ahead of everybody that hasn’t,” St. Albert coach Russ Sindelar said. “He’s in phenomenal shape. He’s a senior. He’s got a lot of race experience, and I look for better things to happen for him at races as the season goes on.”

He’s hoping to run his best race at the end of the season.

“I’ve been doing this 10-plus years, and I never talk much about winning state,” Sindelar said. We just put the goals out there, allowing the kids to set a personal goal and how we’re going to get there.

“We really don’t talk about it, but I know it’s in his goals to do that. I’m going to help him get there, but he’s the one doing the work. I’m just providing the workouts for him.”

Tri-Center won the team race with 50 points, outpacing Denison-Schleswig (85). The Trojans had four runner place in the top 10: Jon Franke (fourth, 16:52.37), Brett McGee (fifth, 16:52.73), Caiden Bryant (seventh, 17:10) and Sean McGee (eighth, 17:19).

In the girls race, Tri-Center’s Peyton Pogge, the top-ranked runner in Class 1-A, cruised to a first-place finish (18:07) more than a minute ahead of second-place Ryann Portch of AHSTW (19:16).

Logan-Magnolia, the top-ranked team in 1-A, had four runners in the top 10 to claim the team title.

Girls team results

1, Logan-Magnolia 37; WC-KP 51; 3, AHSTW 56; 4, Tri-Center 99; 5, Denison-Schleswig 143; 6, West Monona 186; 7, MVAO/COU 191; 8, Whiting 242; 9, West Harrison 244.

Individual top 10

1, Peyton Pogge, TC, 18:07; 2, Ryann Portch, Lo-Ma, 19:16; 3, Courtney Sporrer 19:17; 4, Taylor Sporrer 19:28; 5, Grace Slater, Audubon, 19:41; 6, Kylie Morrison, Lo-Ma, 20:04; 7, Violet Lapke, Lo-Ma, 20:42; 8, Erika Kuntz, WC-KP, 20:59; 9, Mary Putze, WC-KP, 20:59; 10, Sarah Putze, WC-KP, 21:01.

St. Albert finishers: 19, Carly McKeever 22:00; 52, Mallory Daly 25:07; 82, Ava Hughes 29:45.

Boys team results

1, Tri-Center 50; 2, Denison-Schleswig 85; 3, IKM-Manning 89; 4, St. Albert 98; 5, Missouri Valley 154; 6, Logan-Magnolia 162; 7, Boyer Valley 172; 8, MVAO/COU 178; 9, West Monona 207; 10, Underwood 235.

Individual top 10

1, Bennett Heisterkamp, SA, 15:27; 2, Dylan Blake, MVAOCOU, 16:36; 3, Quentin Dreyer, IKM-M, 16:52; 4, Jon Franke, TC, 16:52; 5, Brett McGee, TC, 16:52; 6, Leo Flores, DS, 17:01; 7, Caiden Bryant, TC, 17:10; 8, Sean McGee, TC, 17:19; 9, Collin Lillie, SA, 17:21; 10, Tarick Rowe, LM, 17:24.

Other S.A. finishers: 20, Hadyn Piskorski, SA, 18:00; 35, Jason Mardesen, SA, 19:08; 37, Adam Denny 19:15; 44, Chase Morton 19:44; 46, Alex Gast 19:47; 49, Vince Arculeo 19:53.

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