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Tri-Center's Peyton Pogge placed fourth in Class 1-A.

SHENANDOAH — Tri-Center’s Peyton Pogge and Sidney’s Noah Jorgenson claimed top honors in the girls and boys races, respectively, at Tuesday’s Shenandoah Early Bird Invite.

Pogge, ranked first in the Class 1-A girls rankings by the Iowa Track Coaches Association, finished with a time of 19 minutes, 15 seconds. Jorgenson, ranked fifth in 1-A, finished with a time of 16:57.

No team standings were counted for the races.

Girls Individual Top 10

1, Peyton Pogge, Tri-Center, 19:15; 2, Ryann Portch, AHSTW, 20:19; 3, Mayson Hartley, Clarinda, 21:02; 4, Tori Castle, Treynor, 21:44; 5, Brenna Godfread, Shenandoah, 22:08; 6, Sarah Gilbert, Shenandoah, 22:25; 7, Holly Hoepner, AHSTW, 22:47; 8, Julia Kock, AHSTW, 22:55; 9, Savannah Hall, Sidney, 22:56; 10, Chloe Falkena, AHSTW, 23:05.

Boys Individual Top 10

1, Noah Jorgenson, Sidney, 16:57; 2, Baylor Bergren, Red Oak, 17:48; 3, Derrick Thompson, Treynor, 17:59; 4, Justin McCunn, Red Oak, 18:07; 5, Jon McCall, Clarinda, 18:08; 6, Cole Dooley, Treynor, 18:28; 7, Caiden Bryant, Tri-Center, 18:38; 8, Luke Baker, Clarinda, 18:52; 9, John Franke, Tri-Center, 18:55; 10, Connor Koppa, Red Oak, 19:08.

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