OAKLAND — Underwood enjoyed an impressive day Saturday at the Class 1-A Sectional 14 tournament at Riverside High School.

The Eagles placed first in the team standings with 258 points ahead of second-place AHSTW (192). Both teams advance to Tuesday’s regional dual meet.

Sectional champions and second-place finishers advance to next week’s district tournament in Underwood.

Underwood also had eight individual sectional champions Saturday, including Gable Porter (106), Stevie Barnes (120), Nick Stephens (126), Zane Ziegler (132), Logan James (138), Nick Hamilton (145), Blake Thomsen (152) and Chris Gardner (220).

AHSTW and Riverside each had a pair of sectional champs. For AHSTW, Denver Pauley won at 160 pounds and Gavyn Fischer won at 195.

Riverside’s Jace Rose was the 113-pound champ, and Kaiden Hendricks was a sectional champion at 182 pounds.

St. Albert and Treynor each had one sectional champ. Cael McLaren won for the Falcons at 170 pounds, and Treynor’s Brock Fox won at 285 pounds.

Team scores

1, Underwood 258; 2, AHSTW 192; 3, Treynor 171; 4, Riverside 142; 5, St. Albert 115; 6, East Mills 100; 7, Clarinda Academy 39.

District qualifiers (first- and second-place finishers)

106: 1, Gable Porter, Underwood; 2, John Schroder, Riverside.

113: 1, Jace Rose, Riverside; 2, Niles Sollazzo, Underwood.

120: 1, Stevie Barnes, Underwood; 2, Hayden Fischer, AHSTW.

126: 1, Nick Stephens, Underwood; 2, John Helton, St. Albert

132: 1, Zane Ziegler, Underwood; 2, Joel Sampson, AHSTW.

138: 1, Logan James, Underwood; 2, Nolan Moore, Riverside

145: 1, Nick Hamilton, Underwood; 2, Mitch Lutz, Treynor.

152: 1, Blake Thomsen, Underwood; 2, Jaedan Rasmussen, AHSTW.

160: 1, Denver Pauley, AHSTW; 2, Carson Burhenne, Treynor

170: 1, Cael McLaren, St. Albert; 2, Seth Kiesel, AHSTW

182: 1, Kaiden Hendricks, Riverside; 2, Logan Young, Treynor.

195: 1, Gavyn Fischer, AHSTW; 2, Corey Coleman, Treynor

220: 1, Chris Gardner, Underwood; 2, Leland Barr, AHSTW.

285: 1, Brock Fox, Treynor; 2, Brady Canada, AHSTW

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