Two meets into the year, and the Thomas Jefferson boys cross country team continues to impress. Following up a win at their first meet in Glenwood, the Jackets (59 points) edged Plattsmouth (62) Saturday morning at the Lewis Central Invitational at Iowa Western Community College.

T.J. was paced by sophomore Aidan Booton’s second-place finish. The Jackets had two other top-10 finishers in junior Wimach Gilo (sixthh) and sophomore Juan Martinez (ninth). Senior Archie Powders also medaled in 20th.

“You can count on the fingers of one hand the times that T.J. has placed ahead of the Plattsmouth boys” over the three decades the teams have competed in the L.C. meet, T.J. coach Doug Muehlig said. “Usually our boys are chasing the fumes of the Plattsmouth motors on the course.”

Glenwood finished third (80), followed by Lewis Central (87) and Harlan (139).

Treynor senior Jerry Jorgenson won the boys race in a time of 16:52.00. The top Abraham Lincoln finisher was junior Steven Hornberg (fourth). Lewis Central was paced by junior Cael Woltmann (seventh) and St. Albert was led by junior Bennett Heisterkamp (19th).

On the girls side, Harlan and Glenwood were in the top two again, this time switching positions. Back in August, Glenwood edged the Cyclones by one point at the Glenwood meet. Saturday, it was Harlan besting Glenwood 30-43.

The Rams had the overall champion in Janette Schraft, but Harlan racked up six of the top 10 to take the title. The Cyclones were paced by senior Greichaly Kaster in fourth, junior Lucy Borkowski in fifthand junior Abby Alberti in sixth. Also in the top 10 were two freshmen — Kaia Bieker in eighth and Raegen Wicks in ninth — and sophomore Brecken VanBaale in 10th.

Harlan’s girls were eager to run after a couple of rainy weeks, coach Doug Renkly said.

“We spent two weeks trying to get a meet. They were tired of practice, tired of listening to me,” he said.

During those two weeks, the Cyclones emphasized pack running. Saturday, they took it to an extreme, with the six top-10 Cyclones separated by only 23 seconds.

Behind Schraft, Glenwood sophomore Abby McIntyre placed 3rd. Seniors Aubrey McIntyre and Lacey Jackson were 13th and 14th, and sophomores Erin Schultz and Lauren Becker were 15th and 16th.

The top city finishers included Lewis Central sophomore Haley Bach (12th), Abraham Lincoln junior Moriah Heilsen (17th), Thomas Jefferson sophomore Suzie Miller (20th) and St. Albert senior Gracie Springman (31st).

In the team race, Abraham Lincoln came in 3rd (119), followed closely by Thomas Jefferson (125) and AHSTW came in 5th (149).

L.C. coach Taylor May also was grateful for a break in the recent rainy weather.

“The kids were ready to compete after having two weeks off from a meet due to all the rain, and I thought they really took advantage of it.”

Woltmann, Lancial and Nathan Sell (13th) all finished in the top 15.

“Cael ran much smoother today,” May said. “I was very happy to see him finishing back in the top 10 again.”

Bach, meanwhile, “is leaps and bounds ahead of where she was last year.”

Meet results:


Team scoring: 1, Harlan 30; 2, Glenwood 43; 3, Abraham Lincoln 119; 4, Thomas Jefferson 125; 5, AHSTW 149; 6, Lewis Central 150; 7, Tri-Center 173; 8, Plattsmouth 176; 9, St. Albert 233.

Top 10 finishers: 1, Janette Schraft, G, 19:12.43; 2, Peyton Pogge, T-C, 19:24.62; 3, Abby McIntyre, G, 20:40.50; 4, Griechaly Kaster, H, 21:01.40; 5, Lucy Borkowski, H, 21:05.12; 6, Abby Alberti, H, 21:06.59; 7, Tori Castle, T, 21:13.68; 8, Kaia Bieker, H, 21:18.37; 9, Raegen Wicks, H, 21:19.38; 10, Brecken VanBaale, H, 21:24.46.

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Abraham Lincoln finishers: 17, Moriah Heilesen, 21:57.50; 19, Hayleigh Vandervelde, 22:06.52; 24, Kenzie Brown, 22:38.31; 30, Jeanette Juarez, 23:20.88; 34, Claire Plummer, 24:03.58; 59, Sydney Holeton, 27:32.34.

Thomas Jefferson finishers: 20, Suzie Miller, 22:09.37; 21, Amelie Quartier, 22:10.28; 23, Hannah Belt, 22:29.68; 25, Jasmine Ramos, 22:43.81; 41, Shaeley Bose, 24:52.42; 46, Regan Gant, 25:44.72.

Lewis Central finishers: 12, Haley Bach, 21:33.06; 29, Natalie Smith, 23:12.75; 32, Ella Humlicek, 23:48.34; 40, Emma Christenson, 24:44.11; 43, Hannah Estrada, 25:05.87; 47, Emma Livingston, 25:49.37.

St. Albert finishers: 31, Gracie Springman, 23:38.40; 57, Emma Gardner, 27:25.08; 65, Abi Sherbondy, 31:46.34; 66, Keely Socha, 31:46.56


Team scoring: 1, Thomas Jefferson 59; 2, Plattsmouth 62; 3, Glenwood 80; 4, Lewis Central 87; 5, Harlan 139; 6, Tri-Center 152; 7, Treynor 158; 8, St. Albert 177; 9, Missouri Valley 229.

Top 10 finishers: 1, Jerry Jorgenson, T, 16:52.00; 2, Aidan Booton, TJ, 17:11.84; 3, Stockton Graham, P, 17:33.21; 4, Steven Hornberg, AL, 17:33.78; 5, Brett McGee, T-C, 1&36.59; 6, Wimach Gilo, TJ, 17:38.06; 7, Cael Woltmann, LC, 17:39.40; 8, Trey Gross, H, 17:44.58; 9, Juan Martinez, TJ, 17:48.87; 10, Connor Lancial, LC, 17:51.33.

Other T.J. finishers: 20, Archie Powders, 18:34.46; 27, Beayha Gilo, 18:58.99; 30, Hunter Ryba, 29:05.34; 32, Gage Belt, 19:13.37;

Other A.L. finishers: 21, Ethan Leinen, 18:35.52; 43, Caleb Fitch, 19:50.81; 72, Martin Arellano, 23:15.27.

Other L.C. finishers: 13, Nathan Sell, 18:07.90; 31, Aiden Rudloff, 19:11.96; 33, Josh Sell, 19:24.65; 47, Adam Mortensen, 20:20.87; 48, Luke Meyer, 20:23.87;

St. Albert finishers: 19, Bennett Heisterkamp, 18:30.09; 21, Leo Garrigan, 18:44.28; 34, Luke Blaha, 19:29.96; 55, Jonah Churchill, 20:43.99; 62, Haydn Piskorski, 21:14.75; 64, Zane Collett, 21:20.84; 67, Adyn Hill, 22:12.28;

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