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When Lewis Central’s Johnathan Hemmingsen bowled a 537 series in a Jan. 17 dual, teammate Tim Lincoln set his sights on the 500 mark.

He got it Friday in the city bowling meet at Thunderbowl, rolling the top individual series, a 244-265–509, to lead the Titans to the city title.

The Titan girls also won individual and team championships, as sophomore Savannah Wayman rolled a 205-191–396.

Titans coach Paul Renshaw said his boys team has a lot of potential.

“It’s strange. If we could get all these boys on the same page at the same time, we could make a run at the state record,” he said.

“Tim was telling us ever since Johnathan bowled his 537 that he was saving his 500 for city. It was some pretty nice shooting.”

He said Wayman has emerged early in her career as the girls’ leader.

“Even though she’s a sophomore, she’s pretty much put them on her back,” he said. “This is the best girls team I’ve coached since I’ve been at L.C. the past six years.”

He said the intracity rivalries are friendly.

“You never want to see T.J. or A.L. in your district,” he said. “If we go to state we feel bad about knocking them out; if they go, they feel bad about knocking us out.”

The Titans will try to defend their boys and girls team titles Feb. 8 in the Hawkeye Ten meet at Thunderbowl. The boys are the five-time defending H-10 champions. State-qualifying tournaments are Feb. 12.

Boys team scoring: Lewis Central 3,158; Thomas Jefferson 3,028; Abraham Lincoln 2,813; St. Albert 2,320.

L.C. individuals: Lucas McDaniel 177-206–383; Zach McDaniel 181-171–352; Brandon Cline 214-169–383; A.J. Schiltz 215-184–399; Tim Lincoln 244-265–509; Johnathan Hemmingsen 223-206–429.

T.J. individuals: Andrew Chavarria 267-227–494; Sam Shanno 180-184–364; Brett Hiers 193-217–410; Chandler Scott 180-216–396; Max Schuster 188-200–388; Jacob Schuster 168-234–402

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A.L. individuals: Andy Larkin 173-148–321; Zak Doty 176-136–312; Logan Kruse 185-187–372; Rocky Rubink 202-209–411; Carter James 226-170–396; Wyatt Green 155-225–380.

S.A. individuals: Cody Athay 146-155–301; Henry Powell 210-158–368; Jake Denny 153-257–410; James Ryan 118-141–259; Nate Kay 133-133–266; Quinten Julian 121-142–263

Girls team scoring: Lewis Central 2,504; Thomas Jefferson 2,463; Abraham Lincoln 2,303; St. Albert 1,786

L.C. individuals: Taylor French 105-120–225; Sierra Haddix 178-176–354; Natalie Fahrenkrug 127-168–295; Mikayla McCart 171-148–319; Zoe Pawloski 136-147–283; Savannah Wayman 205-191–396

T.J. individuals: Madison Baxter 192-131–323; Alenah Rankin 135-148–283; Kaylynn Oliver 133-130–263; McKenna Rethmeier 170-140–310 Natalie Arnold 164-200–364; Emily Eikenberry 192-147–339

A.L. individuals: Nicole Young 145-157–302; Ashley Hipnar 164-180–344; Paytyn Bernhards 160-134–294; Jennica Soar 134-170–304; Kenadie Doty 155-161–316; Kylee Hoffman 175-133–308

St. Albert individuals: Peyton Carman 90-184–274; Catie Bersane 126-180–306; Lillia Williams 172-78–250; Riley Noel 95-120–215; Avery Clawson 117-119–236

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